Israel IT Joined Lviv IT Cluster
21 Sep, 2020
From now on, we have become even closer to our goal - to share experiences with other companies and create innovative technical products together. …
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TOP Talents in Israel IT
14 Sep, 2020
Over the last 2 months, we have hired 30 professionals who have joined our team so that we can provide software development services faster and more! …
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Discover Our New Article – Security Matters: How to Hire a Remote Team Safely?
07 Sep, 2020
How to hire a remote team? How to negotiate with an offshore team and more? …
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Discover Our New Article – Offshore Team Cost Calculation Guide
31 Aug, 2020
The main question is always "How much does it cost?". In our new article, we described main issues when calculating the cost to hire an offshore team. …
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Find Out How to Build a Startup in our Article
25 Aug, 2020
Do you already have an idea to build a startup and you want to launch it as soon as possible? How to build a startup? What do startups need? Here is a guide you need to know. …
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Bringing Value to the UK since 2019
17 Aug, 2020
Did you know that Israel IT has been providing services to the United Kingdom since October 2019? Conquering new horizons and opportunities! …
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