DevOps Services

Streamline your software development processes with our advanced expertise and IT infrastructure!


We Accelerate Businesses Using DevOps Best Practices

Driving our special DevOps cultural philosophy we optimize software development processes in such a way so our customers can deliver their products faster to the market and become leaders in their niches. 

Flawless data security, cost-efficiency, and scalability are the three main features of DevOps services by Israel IT but those aren’t all…

Cost Optimisation

Logging & Monitoring

Process Visibility

Security & Compliance


Implement DevOps Culture to Increase Teams Efficiency

Scale your business productivity with the DevOps teams that operate the agile DevOps practices and an infrastructure of continuous integration, delivering services that gradually increase the efficiency of your business workflow.

DevOps Maturity Assessment

Enable your business growth by assessing current level of your development lifecycle.

Define current maturity level of business processes and understand exactly what to focus on next to increase overall efficiency and to eliminate process slowdowns.

DevOps Consulting

Transform your software development management with Israel IT DevOps consulting services.

Increase quality and productivity of your business, while shortening time-to-market.

By specifically focusing on efficiency increase, we offer a completely new qualitative approach to delivering directly to your customers.

DevOps for SaaS

Provide a better SaaS experience using DevOps services by Israel IT.

We offer the successful integration of SaaS applications for every kind of business.

Get all the benefits from continuous and uninterrupted delivery with our dedicated DevOps teams.


IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service

In DevOps culture, any automation implies a a powerful and stable infrastructure service. 

An on-demand usage of computing powers allocated by requirements, enables your team to solve a specific productivity issue and eventually maximise team efficiency.

Manage your cloud computing resources efficiently with Israel IT.

aPaaS - Application platform as a Service

As a reliable aPaaS business partner we provide companies with dedicated teams of experienced DevOps specialists to precisely configure an APaaS for your product development.

By providing necessary resources and dedicated assistance, Israel IT helps startups, small businesses, as well as enterprises to maintain the perfect time-to-cost ratio and effectively deliver the code.

FaaS - Functions as a Service

Minimize the risks and expenses by enabling Functions as a Service for your business – hire the top-notch professionals from Israel IT.


DevOps Transformation

Israel IT provides the right tools and utilises the best practices to increase productivity and cost-efficiency of your software business.

Our DevOps teams have high experience with IT outsourcing and DevOps Cloud Transformation to fulfil your current business needs by aligning your development and operations teams for common goals.

Continuous Security Monitoring

Israel IT provides huge benefits for your business acting as a reliable partner for most of the Amazon managed services.

By integrating security with DevOps Service, we achieve high results at software development and secure your business with up-to-date protection technologies.

Hire Certified DevOps Engineers to Meet Your Specifications

Our certified DevOps team follows architectural design principles based on customer requirements and uses only proven applications and tools so you can expect the prime quality for your projects.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator | DevOps Services by Israel IT

Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Hashicorp Terraform Associate | DevOps Services by Israel IT

Hashicorp Terraform Associate

AWS Certified Solution Architect | DevOps Services by Israel IT

AWS Certified Solution Architect

Must-have Tools for Managing Offshore Teams

Implement your great ideas more effectively and at a faster pace than in case of traditional infrastructure management and software development approach. Use highly reliable and efficient DevOps services by Israel IT for both mature businesses and startups.

Why Israel IT?
We treat our clients like our partners
Your goals become our goals. Our mission is to help you grow in the most efficient, cost-effective and transparent way possible.
Professional Recruiting
Quick and scalable process – gain direct access to the Ukrainian tech market and get a chance to hire top specialists
Full Control

Remote doesn t mean separated – You ll have full control of your employees, easily managing the process and enabling smooth communication throughout your employee life cycle.

Tech Knowledge Development

We are here to support your team! Israel IT provides various professional development programs to your employees, ensuring high loyalty as well as advanced expertise which in turn are put back into your products.

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