Case Studies
BioHacking ORB
20 Aug, 2021
Overview Technology Platform: WordPress Primary needs: Informational website with product list and ORB configurator Key Features: ORB configurator Price quote request App advertisi …
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09 Aug, 2021
Overview Technology Platform: WordPress Primary needs: Multivendor e-Commerce platform for Israeli fashion designers Key Features:  Wishlist Related items Advanced payment opt …
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22 Dec, 2020
Overview Users: ~100 000 Technologies: C#, .NET Core API,  EF Core, PostgreSQL, Amazon S3, Amazon SES, Docker, Angular 8 Primary needs: Web site from scratch, admin panel, ver …
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Personal Epidemiologic Diary (Magen David Adom -MDA)
04 Dec, 2020
Overview Technology Platform: .Net, React, Swift, Kotlin Primary needs: Interactive native mobile application Key Features:  Map Geo-location tracking Permanent places timer t …
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27 Nov, 2020
Overview Technology Platform: .Net, Angular, Kafka, AWS Primary needs: Innovate next-generation smart trading platform from scratch Key Features: Real-time strategy evaluation engi …
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04 Aug, 2020
Overview Technology platform: .Net, React, Angular Primary needs: Innovative website, Interactive website/app, Product-Focused website, Engaging website Key Features: Splash screen …
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27 Jul, 2020
Overview Users: ~500 000. Technology platform: .Net, Angular, Kotlin, Swift, AWS Primary needs: User-friendly, social-oriented app. Increasing the quality and stability of the curr …
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Vibo DJ
27 Jul, 2020
Overview Users: 1000-2000 daily active users. Technology platform: React web, Native iOS and Android. Primary needs: Basically to build the website and app from scratch. (the exist …
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09 Jul, 2020
Overview Users: ~10 000 Technology platform: .Net, React Primary needs: Automated solution, Extendable system, Modern design (Look and Feel) Develop a website and an automated solu …
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