THE GREATEST PARTY OF THE YEAR: Israel IT corporate party

November 7, 2021

On October 8th to 10th we celebrated the greatest party of the year and Israel IT tore the town up! More than 200 IT-specialists came to celebrate a successful business year.

You think that working in IT is boring?

Israel IT proves that this stereotype is wrong. Our company often hosts events, so our specialists have a chance to break out of the digital world and enjoy an amazing atmosphere with friends. This time it wasn’t just a regular event, it was MEGA COOL Corporate party.


How and where did we celebrate?

Israel IT is choosing only the best and we settled on the luxury hotel Fomich in the elite town Bukovel. It was a perfect place for such a big event. Mountains, fresh air, delicious food, music and the atmosphere — FANTASTIC! At first we had a formal part where all the achievements of the year were announced and the lucky ones received gifts. Yes,
people who made a significant contribution to the development of our company were awarded with cool prizes. The grand prize was an electric scooter.

Our “vacation” was short, but very active.

Every evening ended up dancing & every morning began with hiking in the mountains or SPA.
You say IT people don’t do anything and spend all day at the computer? That’s not true! People in our company are not just good specialists, they are also talented athletes. They always find time for sports;) For two days everybody was having fun and received a positive charge.


Israel IT party will be remembered for a long time

A lot of work was done to make this party a success. Our HR team had to think through everything down to the smallest detail. So, we are grateful to each and everyone who orginised the party and brought their creative ideas into life. Venue, food, formal part, music and everything else was at the highest level. Israel IT party will be
remembered not only by us, but also by all the staff of the hotel Fomich. Israel IT is not just a
company, it is a big family!

Want to see more pictures? Tap here

Also, Israel IT is always happy to welcome newcomers, so we invite you to become a
part of our family! Click here

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